Call for Leadership Awards Candidates

  • 28 Jan 2014
  • 8:00 AM
  • 14 Feb 2014
  • 5:00 PM
  • Via AFA Website

The Arizona Fiduciaries Association is an Arizona based non-profit organization, representing Public and Private Fiduciaries across the state.

Our members serve many, yet do not often get the recognition they deserve.

We would like to publically recognize and congratulate individuals who exemplify our vision and mission!

Vision:  The AFA will be a nationally recognized leader for developing the best standards of practice for professional fiduciaries.

Mission:  To provide education and advocacy to its members to enhance and promote the fiduciary profession.


Recipients of this award are individuals who keep the AFA Vision center in their practice and in the forefront of other members’ minds.   They are AFA members who have moved the standards of practice for professional fiduciaries forward within, and on behalf of, the chapter.

Nominations for this award come straight from your AFA Board of Directors.  Once the board has vetted all nominees, all AFA members can vote for the winning nominee(s), on-line.  The Winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting.


For this award, we are seeking the person(s) or teams who did the most in 2013 to further the Mission of the AFA.  Nominations are not limited to members of the AFA, nor are they limited to licensed fiduciaries.

Please submit your nominations for those who meet any of the following criteria:
a.    They provided/produced  exceptional education regarding the profession.
   i.    They have educated the general public, practicing fiduciaries or those seeking to become fiduciaries. 
    ii.    The individual(s) are those that the membership feels comfortable calling for advice or information.
   iii.    If an AFA member, they have provided one on one support with/to newer members.

b.    They Provided/Produced exceptional advocacy regarding the profession.
    i.    This may have been for the general public, practicing fiduciaries or the legislature and courts.

c.     They enhanced and/or promoted the fiduciary profession with the general public or those seeking to become fiduciaries.

All nominations for this award will be vetted, for inclusion in the ballot, by a committee comprised of Board and General Members.  Then, anyone on the AFA contact list (voting and non-voting members) can vote for the winning nominee(s), on-line.  The Winner will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

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