About AFA Conferences:

Registration for the Spring Conference, "A Day In the Life of a Fiduciary...and the Aftermath", scheduled for April 19th-20th at Carefree Resort and Conference Center, will open February 19th!

An event registration button will be available here once registration opens. 

You asked for it, we listened: We want to thank our members who completed the survey following the spring event. Your time and input are valuable. We have reviewed your feedback carefully and are using it to guide our planning for these and future continuing education opportunities.

The 2018 Spring Conference theme is being developed in direct response to member survey responses. We asked you what you wanted more of, and there were a great number of responses that can be summarized into two tracks: introductory topics for those newer to the field and advanced topics for veteran fiduciaries. This will be our guiding vision as we move into program development for this 2-day event.

Our conferences host not only professional fiduciaries, but also those who support them in their fiduciary role.  Examples include court professionals, accountants, legal counsel, health practitioners, home health service providers, social workers, real estate and asset management professionals, and more.  As many of these professionals require continuing education to maintain their credentialing, our programming is planned and delivered with an objective of qualifying for continuing education credits whenever possible.

Information for Prospective Presenters: Due to the continuing education requirement for most of our attendees, there is a genuine desire for reference materials that can be used and referenced long after the conference ends. Presenters are asked to provide detailed outlines, which are made available for download in the event section here at azfid.org in advance of the conference, when possible, and for future reference by our members. We encourage our presenters to incorporate sample forms, reference guides, visual aids, graphics, stories, personal examples, and (perhaps most appreciated of all) humor to aid in learning objectives. Interactive sessions consistently garner the highest participation and best feedback. The results for our attendees are conferences loaded with great information and education delivered in a professional yet enjoyable way. Our members really get a bonus when they can walk away with tools they can take to their office and use or adapt in their practices.

Plenary Sessions address all conference attendees, while breakout sessions offered at the 2-day spring events are held concurrently. Breakout sessions are programmed in tracks with an overarching theme and generally host between 25-35% of attendees in each one. Plenary presentation speakers and topics are often visionary, strategic, or thought provoking in nature, and thus those handouts and materials may be quite a bit different from breakout session presentations.

At the end of each day of the conference, our attendees are invited to complete an event survey. We can't say it enough: We value your time and input, and it helps us continuously improve and raise the bar for an excellent experience for our members and participants. We look forward to seeing you this year and for years to come!

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